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Caring for You and Your Newborn

About Me
ABCDoula LLC After Birth Care offers compassionate and personalized newborn care services As an experienced professional, I provide parents with the emotional and practical support they need, during this precious time. I'm dedicated to helping families feel confident and secure as they manage those first few weeks with their baby, the fourth trimester.

Your Baby's adjustment outside of the womb

Overnight/day newborn care: certified professional in provide personalized care for newborns while you rest; peace of mind knowing your baby is safe and secure. Infant feeding~ Assisting with breastfeeding /pumping, bottle-feeding, or a combination of both. Sleeping~ I will help differentiate between day and night sleep, while appropriately providing sleep shaping techniques. Newborn Care~ I'll assist with newborn bathing, comfort techniques, soothing, burping, swaddling, diapering, etc. Multiple Care~ I have experience caring for multiples (including overnight support.)

Your Personal Postpartum Recovery

" Postpartum care for you & your baby. Get the individualized support needed to recover & reconnect with your body & mind." Maternal Mental Health~ I can help you recognize between "normal" and symptoms of postpartum mood disorder. I'll be with you in real-time through the tears, the joy and every emotion in between. Sleep~ Restful sleep is essential to your physical recovery. I provide the opportunity for you to break and sleep during daytime or overnight.

Sibling Care

Sometimes big brother and sister need attention from their family doula, to allow mom and baby to rest. I have you covered. I'm also a sibling care doula. I have 20 years of experience supporting families with exceptional needs of children. I can also be on call if needed to stay with the siblings when you are in labor. And we can't forget about our fur babies need and attention and the occasional walk.

Daily needs in your household

Light Housekeeping ~ I can assist in the upkeep of your home by doing laundry, dishes, and tidying up. Nursery Organization ~ Developing a system for storing baby clothes or setting up your nursing/feeding station.

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